Have You Been Lied To
By Every Woman You Ever Trusted? 
(Especially the ones you slept with?)


I woke up screaming and convulsing
in unimaginable paralyzing pain

Scaring my poor wife half to death!

Sharp knife-like stabs were bursting through my lower abdomen…

I looked at her as she pointed down in horror
at my now pulsating, purple, swollen penis!

That very night, I was rushed to the emergency room
and was getting prepped in for surgery,

when I luckily met the doctor who changed my life for good…

Helped me avoid surgery…

All by doing a simple erection-hack dating more than 500 years ago…

A hack that the most virile men in history used
to please TENS of mistresses at a time…


A hack that modern science recently confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt
as the only natural erection-boosting solution that brings GRAND results!

And a revolutionary new way for men of any age
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I promise you that in just a few short minutes
you will spit in the face of conventional wisdom…

Throw out the dangerous blue and yellow pills
that are burning a hole through your pocket…

Swear off testosterone replacement therapy…

And instead, just take a walk through the grocery aisles of your local supermarket.

It all started with the moment I stopped feeling like a man…

Despite being 6ft. 5, freakishly well-built…

And I could take down any punk and his whole entourage single-handedly…

Not only that, but I was also one of the most effective detectives our homicide unit had…

Yet there was one area where I was “lacking”…

And that feeling that I was “missing something”
had led me down a path of trying EVERYTHING I could
just to save my marriage.

Admitting that I had a problem was the worst moment of my life,
and it led to the biggest test I have ever personally faced…

Now, I actually find myself grateful that it happened
(and in a weird way you will too)…

Because it led to a strange scientific discovery that has saved the sex lives
of more than 27,378 men from all around the world in just 6 months…

A strange scientific discovery that healed my “broken” manhood
when every doctor and expensive specialist
had shaken their heads at me and given me a mouthful of dangerous pills …

A secret that caused me to have renewed sex drive
almost overnight without giving up my dignity…

Without forcing me to use pumps and pills every time I wanted to get a hard on…

And even though I was on the brink of suicide just 6 months ago…

I found relief in an unexpected place…

The secret recipe to rock-hard erections was passed down
by dozens of emperors in the advanced Aztec civilization…

You see when Spain conquered the Aztecs and caught wind of their “potency fuel”?

They decided it was too powerful…

And conspired to keep it a “government secret” for almost a full century…

When the secret remedy finally resurfaced…

The Catholic Church immediately BANNED it…

Because it caused too much “promiscuity” among older men…

Since then this “potency fuel” has been
kept under lock and key for hundreds of years…


Only a few lucky men have witnessed its power…

Men like King Louis XIV, famous for his 31 mistresses
even as he aged into his 70’s…

And Giacomo Cassanova, the most legendary seducer of all time…

Legend has it he drank it once right before taking a woman to bed…

This fool-proof historical secret brought back our love life
after we thought that part of our marriage was completely dead…

This is the same secret that made me feel more energized
and “manly” than I had ever been in my life.

A secret that if you just listen closely over the next 6 minutes,
learn the shocking truth and do exactly what I say…

Could turn back the clock on your damaged manhood and your sex life,
making you feel like a horny teenager again…

And trust me, your wife or girlfriend won’t be able to keep their hands off of you!

You’ll wake up every morning bursting with energy and confidence…

Feeling like you’re the hottest man in the room and giving off so much pheromones
women will be begging to take you out on a date… 

And they’ll even rush to pick up the check!

All by using the strange scientifically-proven secret spot on your body
that when pressed for just 60 seconds unleashes massive raging erections…

It’s just one little thing… 3 times a day… that almost automatically
forces your body to “unclog” the path to stronger, harder erections.

Even if you’re 40, 50 or even 80 years old
(in fact it works better if you’re AT LEAST 45 years old)…

Even if you’ve never taken boner pills in your life
or if you’ve tried everything under the sun to get hard and throbbing erections…

This strange scientific secret doesn’t involve doing anything more difficult than laying in bed,
relaxing and pressing a certain area of your body right after you drank the potency potion
King Montezuma used over 500 years ago!

If you just follow this secret, you TOO can experience what it’s like to…

  • Last for hours on command…
  • Get rock hard whenever you want…
  • And climax when you want…

Oh, and by the way…

Whatever you’re thinking this secret is right now
– I promise you you’re wrong…

You see, my wife and I went through a hellish journey t
hat so easily could have broken our marriage…

Just to find this incredible, non-invasive, natural trigger
that every man has hidden inside his body!

Hi, my name is Roger Spear and…

If you’re a husband, a man, or even just a human being…

I’m sure you can imagine how hurtful it felt
when the gorgeous woman who I had chosen to spend the rest of my life with…

Looked up at me with tears in her eyes as we tried to have sex, and asked me:

“Why don’t you love me anymore?”

I felt humiliated and ashamed. I wasn’t a man anymore in her eyes…

She was my wife…

The woman I promised to protect and take care of…

And seeing her, lying there in agonizing frustration,
I felt powerless, weak, and useless in a way I never thought possible…

After a full hour of seeing her in tears…
Agonizing in self-loathing and hopelessness…

That was the day she fell out of love with me
and just 6 months down the line…

I was staring at a pile of divorce papers
that were served to me while I was at the office.

I sank into my chair, imagining a future of
picking up my twins from my wife’s house and having to watch
how “my understudy” wrapped his hand around her waist…

The young new stud she would cast in my role.

Her cheeks would be red and flushed as he would kiss her neck…

 I was burning with anger.

At first, I didn’t want to tell anyone about the fact that no matter how hard I tried

No matter what she tried to do to get me to rip off her clothes…
lingerie… blindfolds… handcuffs…

I was DEAD from the waist down.


So you can imagine why it felt too private. Too painful.

Lying there, feeling my wife’s warm body curled up against me,
I knew I could do one of three things…

One, I could ignore the thoughts and the fear swirling in my mind…

I could watch how the smile and joy in her eyes would start to fade…
only to be replaced by pain and suffering that a billion “I love you’s” couldn’t solve…

I could watch our marriage crumble to nothing
as we headed for the divorce she deserved in order to rebuild her life…

Two, I could get mad and bitter…

Rage about how “unfair” it was to have so much taken from us
when we both dedicated our lives to serving and protecting others…

And go on antidepressants just to stop me from picking up my handgun
and splattering my brains in the bathroom…

Or… I could make the choice I did…

The choice to FIGHT for my wife and our family…

The choice to discover the TRUTH about the REAL cause of  E.D.

And how you can perform at a Pornstar level well into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond,
even if you haven’t had a solid boner in years…

The choice to wake up every morning knowing I had done everything in my power
to still be the man of the house in the eyes of the woman I still loved so much…

And to recover my rock-hard erections with a simple and effective method,
without ending up in line to pick up my prescription blue pill…

Or even worse, having to lie down on a cold operating table
while a doctor hacked my “manhood” in half
and slapped a pump inside my balls.

And all thanks to a secret guarded by one of the most lucrative industries in the world:
the porn industry.

So if you’re fed up with…

  • Feeling guilty when you see the sadness in your wife’s eyes
    as she wonders why she’s not sexy enough to get you “in the mood”…
  • Starving yourself only to see that what was once a flat and attractive stomach
    turns into a beer gut that continues to grow
  • Looking in the mirror at a receding hairline that adds decades to your age…
  • Coming home from work and plopping straight onto the couch,
    because you’re so exhausted both mentally and physically, or…
  • Worrying that each and every day you become less of a man…

And if you want to give her earth-shattering orgasms
over and over again..

To have her begging for you to make her feel like a woman again…

To exude so much confidence that will have women who don’t even know your name
CRAVE every inch of you…

Because you look like the REAL MAN they dream of
at night while sleeping next to the “asexual creatures”
they call husbands and boyfriends…

Then stick with me for the next few minutes and find out:

  • The “limp-penis epidemic”-warning
    that an American association issued more than 23 years ago…
  • The secret pornstar-diet that keeps the most famous male actors
    performing for hours at a time…
  • The secret Aztec shake and 3 pressure points
    that unleash massive erections…
  • And… the Nobel Prize-winning molecule that
    fuels your manhood with raging hard erections
    (the secret ingredient is probably in your pantry right now)…

Give me just 10 minutes of your time and
I will give you back YEARS of great sex and a happy relationship.

Listen, I know how you must feel right now

I too felt as if I was emotionally bankrupt

But I know that if you’ve clicked to see my story
and the embarrassingly easy solution I have prepared for you today

You’re either suffering from this crippling condition
doctors are labeling as “erectile dysfunction” …

Or, you’re starting to notice that it’s harder and harder for you
to find an interest in sex

Harder for you to get and maintain an erection
for long enough to see your partner’s toes curling up in an earth-shattering orgasm…

Harder for you to even look in the mirror
and feel like the man you used to be just a few years ago.

Because every time you look at her face… the woman who used to worship you
and couldn’t keep her hands off of you…

You see nothing more than a look of pity in her eyes
Like you’re no longer a man

Like she’s already mourning your death
even as you lie in bed next to her at night.


But let me tell you, it gets even worse…

As time goes by, that look of pity is going to turn into a sneer
of condescending disgust

She’ll start resenting you for
holding her captive in a loveless… sexless relationship…

Make no mistake… she will start HATING the man
who can no longer give her the massive, pulsating erections
she once begged to feel inside of her…

And soon enough, when she’s had enough…

You will be nothing more than a story
she tells her giggling friends
over cocktails on her girls’ night out…

This “demon” possessing you right now is:

Destroying your relationship
and virtually ensuring that you will end up alone…

Tearing apart your family
because no woman will ever hang around waiting for you
to make her feel wanted…

And as the years pass, you’ll almost certainly see
that demon grow even stronger, leading to… 

Depression, anxiety, and many other disorders…
even alcoholism can start getting a foothold in your life…

Leaving your penis so limp and embarrassingly weak
that you won’t even be able to get it up
for a woman as sexy and horny as your favorite pornstar

And it won’t be long before dark thoughts start creeping up
– no matter how hard our loving spouses try to assure us
it’s normal…” and “it happens to everyone…

You know she will have no more respect for you as a man.

And I’m sure that for men all over the world,
that’s a “death sentence”.

But I am here today to make you cry tears of joy!
(And no, I’m not a psychopath…)

I am here to tell you that you can finally get your life back!

Without even as much as touching the little blue pill
that caused one of my friends to have his penis “hacked” off in the emergency room
(but more about that in just a few minutes)

You won’t have to stick painful needles
and inject “poison” into your manhood in order to please your lady…

But most importantly…
you will NOT have to get the scariest procedure your doctor has ever told you about…

A penile implant! Turning you into a living, breathing blow-up doll!


I will reveal today a simple, safe method
that will save you and your relationship…

And if you’re on the brink of suicide as I was just 1 year ago,
then this solution might even save your life!

But before I do, let me tell you a bit about myself
and why I’m sharing with you what I know and how I found out about it…

As I said at the beginning of the Public Service Announcement,
my name is Roger Spear and I live in Nevada
with my wife Lucy and our twins, Michael and Jason.

I work as a detective for the homicide unit
and I can proudly say that nothing brings me more joy than coming home
alive and safe every single night to be greeted by the patter of tiny feet
rushing to get their hugs and be tucked into bed…

But, I may not be your run of the mill guy,
because while now I have settled into what appears to be a regular life…

I have a DARK secret.

When I was younger, I dabbled in the porn industry for 3 years
before I met my wife and turned my life around 180 degrees.

I was surrounded by beautiful, gorgeous women day and night
and I don’t think I ever slept with the same woman twice…

I could go for HOURS while staying rock hard in high-pressure situations…

And delay ejaculation while women would ride me like crazy…

All of them were basically in line to have their way with me, both on and off the set!

I never had an issue “playing my part” in their deepest fantasy…

And I was one of the few actors who never needed pills, numbing gels or injections
to maintain my throbbing military-grade erections!

But then one day…

I met this amazing woman who turned me on more than any other pornstar I’ve been with…

She was a natural beauty that rocked my world… she was intelligent… kind…

And it was right then and there I decided I would marry that woman
and I secretly hoped we’d have that spark forever.

I never lied to her about my past…

And frankly, she didn’t mind it… I mean, why would she?!

After all, I was doing things to her that no other man had ever done…

And lasting so long she would bite her own lip so hard
it was bleeding after each orgasm…

One day someone even slipped a note under our door:

“Please keep the lovemaking down, neighbor
You’re not a pornstar, for God’s sake!”

We laughed about it and we were both so happy t
hat we had what others could only dream of!

But before long, that dream turned into my worst nightmare.

One day… she waited for me by the door
wearing the sexiest red lace and satin lingerie…

She wanted to have her way with me and had planned out our entire evening.

A night of crazy sex like we hadn’t experienced since the kids came along.

She wanted to scream my name… but that… was not what happened…

I looked at her, I loved her, I was attracted by her…

But from the waist down, I was completely and utterly DEAD.

I stared at my penis, all shriveled up and unresponsive

And the more I tried to get it hard,
the more desperate and ashamed I became!

I think I had a full-blown panic attack!

This had never happened to me before, so what was going on?!

I darted into the bathroom and I could hear the woman I loved
let out a heavy sigh and WEEP!

She didn’t feel like a woman anymore…

And in a daze, I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a small, discreet bag
with 2 blue pills my friend gave me.

I had refused to take them… until now.

I took both of them, ready to show her what I’m made of…

But nothing happened.

We both half-heartedly tried to get in the mood…

But went to bed more disappointed than ever.

I figured nothing bad could happen… right?
Worst case scenario… the pills just have no effect on me…

And I wish that were the case…

Instead, I woke up after 6 hours of sleep in unimaginable pain.

At first, I didn’t even make the connection with the Viagra…

I just felt sharp stabbing pains in my abdomen…

My penis had swollen twice in girth and was turning purple!

My wife grabbed the phone and I lunged to slap it out of her hand!
I couldn’t let anyone see me like that, it was too damn embarrassing!

She looked me dead in the eye and said, “Enough! I’m doing this!”

20 minutes later, I was lying on the stretcher,
neighbors gathered out on their porches to stare at me…


It was the most gut-wrenching “walk of shame” in my life…

And all that while the paramedic was telling me
to start praying it’s not going to be an amputation!

Luckily for me, it wasn’t… I got to keep my limp manhood…

But let me tell you something…

Physical intimacy is the glue
that holds a relationship together.

That was just the first in a long series of disappointments
I would end up causing her…


After all, I was this big shot ex-pornstar…
I had pleased more women than I could keep track of…

And now, the one woman I was so desperate to satisfy
was looking me in the eyes and asking me
what they had that she doesn’t…

I was no longer a man!

I don’t mean to scare the living crap out of you, but…

70% of Divorces Are Initiated By Women

And while many would never ever admit it,
most of them are unhappy because of the lack of sex!

Women love to be courted… admired… loved.

So what do you think happens
when you don’t pay attention to her anymore?

Won’t she feel so flattered and sexy
when another man simply “showers” her with compliments…

When he tells her how beautiful she is?

When he looks at her figure and tells her
how he wants to rip her clothes off
and take her right then and there?

And he’ll succeed in taking your woman
right from under your nose because…

When you have ED
you literally can’t look ANYONE in the eye…

For me personally, I felt like a failure as a man

I couldn’t bear to even make eye contact with her while she kissed me,
because I knew I would see that fire burning inside of her…

That look of wanting and needing that I hadn’t satisfied in her for months!

I was even making excuses not to have sex, and it made me feel pathetic.

In some cases, I even made the situation worse
by taking out my frustration on her passive-aggressively!

A snide comment here, a bit of inconsideration there…

I was putting her down just so I wouldn’t be alone…
“Misery loves company” as they say…

Things were heading in a bad direction
even as my health began to go downhill.

At one point, my wife told me to go see a doctor
after she tried to get on top of me acting all sexy…
and again, nothing had happened…

I pushed her off of me and she fell, hitting her head on the nightstand…

And I told her to “Shut the F up”…

I hated the man who was staring back at me in the mirror…

You see… I felt I was in the right to react that way…
in my head, I was still an “optimist”.

This “problem” which I wasn’t even admitting
was erectile dysfunction at this point…

Would go away on its own,
and once it did, my relationship with my wife would go back to normal.

The truth was, I wasn’t an optimist – I was delusional.

Let me make this 100% clear:
Your erectile dysfunction will not go away on its own.
Not now, not ever.

And trust me, you will never want to be
on the receiving end of the lowest blow a man can take:

Getting served with divorce papers
from the woman you thought you would spend the rest of your life with.

Having your kids call another man “dad”

While you’re that balding, pot-bellied shell of a man they get to see every other weekend…

Completely disconnected from their lives, hopes, and aspirations.

You will end up alone, unloved, misunderstood…
and by the time you are ready to do something about it…
it would’ve been too little, too late…

I want you to know that you are not alone.

And that this “plague” is not affecting a select group of people.

Erectile Dysfunction affects everyone indiscriminately!

It can happen in your 20’s or even in your 60s! Nobody is safe!

And one American association issued a warning back in 1996,
raising awareness that something is “eating away” at the virility of American men!

The E.P.A. pointed out in a memo that
more than 23 years ago was a rise
in cases of erectile dysfunction
and it’s begun appearing at an even earlier age than ever before!

More than 40% of men under the age of 40 are reporting a decrease in sexual desire
and they all inevitably end up with chronic erectile dysfunction!

But you know what doctors did about this?

Jack squat!

They ignored it because it was so common that
they just labeled it as normal, especially in older men.

But let me tell you that is actually NOT THE CASE!

E.D. is NOT normal and you should never ever ignore, accept or hide it.

In my search for finding a way to gain back my manhood and win back my wife…

And avoid a divorce that would equate to both
an emotional and even financial bankruptcy

I found a little-known fact:

A Nobel Prize-winning molecule that fuels your manhood
with raging hard erections can fix your E.D. for good!


Allow me to explain:

There’s something interesting that happens down there when you sleep…

The body sends a wave of blood to inspect if everything’s working properly…

…that’s called nighttime “stiffies”
and that’s why most men wake up fully hard most mornings.

The blood irrigates the penile chambers in the member,
but without constant irrigation,
the man’s unit is likely to become flaccid.

And if you suddenly stop having morning wood (as was my case),
or even if you don’t notice it as frequently
– it might mean that there’s a problem.

It could be a case of low testosterone,
since men whose levels fall below average tend to pop fewer boners at night,
according to studies published by the National Institutes of Health.
(by Paul J. Rizk, Taylor P. Kohn, Alexander W. Pastuszak, and Mohit Kherab)

And if it’s left unchecked it can even lead to
a condition called penile fibrosis,
where scar-like tissue and plaque fill the penile chambers, making it permanently limp and lifeless.

Luckily, I found a 60-second irrigation method
that has been used by ancient Asian civilizations for over 2000 years…

Which can keep the blood flowing freely through your penis all night —
and you’ll wake up with a guaranteed rock hard boner every single morning!

This 60-second irrigation method triggers the wave of blood that fills the penile chambers
and sets the “morning wood” into motion…

And making sure that you can be that raging bull in the sack once again.

All that by simply pressing a precise point on your body that is easy and clearly identifiable!

I’ll also show you how drinking a specific shake,
which every male pornstar has the morning before the film,
can increase morning wood and create strong long-lasting “towel-hangers”…

I happened to read an obscure research paper about Kind Montezuma II…

Now, you may not know who Montezuma is…

Or maybe you only heard his name when you heard about “Montezuma’s Revenge”…

But here’s the truth:

Montezuma was the last Aztec emperor who ruled until 1520
when the Spanish conquered his empire…


The Aztecs were one of the most advanced civilizations in the world…

And what you probably don’t know about Montezuma is this:

He was known as one of the most virile men in history…

A man whose erections were actually legendary!

It was almost as if he had an on-button for getting rock-hard on a moment’s notice!

King Montezuma was so fertile…

That at the time the Spaniards captured him, an astonishing FIFTY of his wives were pregnant!

Despite him being an elder…

Almost double the age the average Aztec lived to!

His age just didn’t seem to have any effect on his gargantuan erections!

But my new research proves that he had a secret weapon…

A strange, powerful “potency potion” he drank from a golden goblet every single day…

He was even said to drink an extra glass before meeting a lady friend…

This Resurrection Remedy was so powerful…

When the invading Spaniards caught wind of it, they immediately stole the recipe…

And sealed it as an official secret for almost 100 years…

After it was unsealed by the government, the church quickly BANNED it…

Because it gave men so much uninhibited lust and such powerful erections
that the “stood up” at the wrong times during mass…

I ended up sifting through hundreds of pages of ancient texts and historical accounts…

And the more I read on this secret drink, the more intrigued I became…

Why didn’t more people know about it?

What forces were at play here?

In 1660, the Spanish princess Maria Theresa was wed to King Louis XIV in France…

To end over 2 decades of war between the countries…

When she came to France and she brought this secret recipe with her from Spain and mayhem ensued….

The drink became renowned for its “hardening” aphrodisiac power…

Among her husband Louis and the wealthiest members of his royal court…

Maria Theresa must’ve regretted sharing this recipe with King Louis…

Because he ended up having 31 mistresses that were documented…

Resulting in over a dozen illegitimate children…

Then, a little later, in 1750 the legendary seducer, Giacomo Casanova
caught wind of this formula while visiting Paris…

It was said this remedy was the secret weapon that gave him the rock-hard energy
to please a woman all night, even into his 70’s…

And legend has it that he drank it each time before making love to a woman…


You see, my research proves that Montezuma’s drink was FULL of a very specific type of replenishing nutrient…

A nutrient that scientists are now realizing could be a Godsend for men with limp sexual performances…

Meet the “driving force” behind this ancient Aztec drink:

A Nobel Prize-winning molecule that rejuvenates your penis and dissolves blockages: nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide or the “stay-young molecule” as researches have called it
(because it can keep parts of you alive and strong that you thought were forced to shrivel up and die with age)
is a gas molecule formed from nitrogen and oxygen.

And is produced by the inner walls of your veins and arteries.

In the medical world, it’s well-known for influencing the good function of virtually every organ in your body…

Including one we mostly disregard until we lose it… the penis.

But you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually not a recent “2019 discovery…”

In fact, it was 1992 when the American Association for the Advancement of Science
named nitric oxide “The Molecule of the Year”.

And in 1998, the research conducted by three scientists on the role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular function
led to them receive the coveted Nobel Prize.

So doctors, the medical innovation industry, and the Government,
have all known about nitric oxide for decades.

They just chose to keep it hidden from the public eye.

Why? Because contrary to popular belief…

It’s Big Pharma that controls the Government
like a puppet on a string
through its sneaky lobbyists…

Not the other way around.

In other words, whatever poses a threat to their profits is simply cut out of the picture.

And perhaps we would have never heard of it if an avalanche of publications on nitric oxide biology
hadn’t surfaced a few years back, exposing the truth.

And that’s because of Nitric Oxide…

  • Controls transit of blood cells
  • Relaxes blood vessel walls
  • Improves circulation
  • “Scrubs away” existing plaque
  • Regenerates the lining of arteries
  • Maintains vascular elasticity
  • And also gives you massive erections on demand! (just like you had when you were 18 years old!)

However, the problem occurs when the production of this
naturally-occurring miracle substance starts to decline

And that’s because a deficiency in nitric oxide leads to
plaque formation, inflammation, and blood clots

So if your erections seem weaker, softer, or less “full…”

Or don’t last as long as they used to…

If you notice less sensation in your penis…

Or you don’t feel that same raging lust and desire that a man should feel
when he sees a beautiful woman…

Or if you’ve felt the debilitating humiliation and shame
of being unable to perform for your partner…

Then your penis is dangerously close to becoming just an accessory hanging between your legs…

Picture your circulatory system as a city full of bright lights…

And then one by one, those lights start going off in chaotic patterns…

That’s exactly what happens when your nitric oxide levels start to decline.

The process can take years, but eventually,
your penis is deprived of the energy needed to function properly.

It gets “tired…” limp… not functional.

And chances are, that if you’ve started seeing your erections are occasionally weaker…

You may be in danger of waking up one day and being
in the exact same position I was in just over a year ago.

But here’s how you can tell ahead of time
if you are suffering from nitric oxide deficiency…

There are “tells” that most people don’t know about until it’s too late!

So, if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms in the past 6 months:

  • Fatigue
  • Low energy levels
  • Erectile dysfunction or decreased libido
  • Poor memory or concentration
  • Irritability, depression, or anxiety
  • Swelling in the legs, ankles or feet
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Asthma or poor lung function
  • Brittle bones

Then this is your body sending S.O.S. signals about the state of your nitric oxide levels.


Luckily, you are here now and you’re one step closer
to understanding and acting on this impending danger to your virility…

But don’t feel guilty. Because it’s not your fault.

Your risk of nitric oxide depletion could be high for several reasons.

It can be your diet… stress… or even the simple fact of getting older!

Just think of it like a car’s engine.

As any mechanic will tell you…motor oil is essential!

Without enough of it, the engine’s temperature becomes scorching hot, its parts swell and fail until the entire engine just…dies.

Leaving you stuck on the side of the road, waiting for help.

Getting older and eating foods falsely advertised as healthy can put the same amount of pressure on your nitric oxide production.

Because it deprives your body of the miracle molecule nitric oxide responsible for making things run smoothly between you and the missus!

But don’t worry, because getting your body to NATURALLY produce the Nobel-winning boner-molecule…

Is actually easier than you’d think.

I went in and asked for the help of the oldest and most reputable adult film industry actors on how they stayed in the game for so long and oddly enough…

They were all on basically the same diet: a simple shake, FULL of Nitric Oxide-promoting foods.

THEY were the ones who pointed me in the right direction in the first place…

Not the fancy doctors… not their nurses who are so “amused” by your issue that they can’t wait to text their friends about their “weird” patient…

Because you see…

Erectile dysfunction isn’t like a cold where you get sick, take the remedy, and then you’re well again.

It’s an ongoing process that is killing your sex drive and shattering your confidence!

Beating your ED is something that you do day after day, month after month, year after year.

Sounds tough, right? Don’t worry, it honestly isn’t.

And a “side-benefit” of my program I will share with you in just a minute is that you’ll vastly improve many other aspects of your life…

Including your physical health, mental wellness, and libido.

I should also mention what my method isn’t.

Following my program will NOT:

Make you feel like a joke the way a penis pump will…

Put you at risk of amputation and a whole list of dangerous side effects like many “male enhancement” pills…

And it sure as hell isn’t going to have you spending “quality time” with your toilet like many shakes and “alternative” concoctions you’ll have to drink by the gallon…

I chose to be honest with where I got my inspiration from and called it:

The Pornstar Protocol

Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.
Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

The Pornstar Protocol was designed from the ground up through hours of intense research,
and excruciating trial and error with me as the guinea pig.

I went through a lot of crap to create this program
but in the end, only one thing matters:

Now let me tell you, this isn’t an “eBook” in the traditional sense.

This is a complete step-by-step program designed to annihilate your erectile dysfunction
from the face of the planet, and restore your masculinity!

It “hits the restart button” in phases…

Contrary to popular belief, you didn’t lose your groove in one day…

It was a process. And so is clearing up the blockage that is “suffocating” your penis.

As I said, the reason this program works is that it eliminates your ED from multiple angles,
allowing you to kill your ED in the most efficient way possible.

The Pornstar Protocol can help you:

  • Regain your self-confidence, sex-appeal, and manhood
  • Become a sexual BEAST in bed, and feel years younger
  • Save your crumbling relationship, or create lasting new ones
  • Say goodbye to the embarrassment, shame, and humiliation
  • Experience bigger, longer-lasting erections
    for more intense, passionate sexual experiences
  • Improve your physical wellness and experience greater strength,
    stamina, and vigor in and out of bed
  • Turn back the clock and feel 20 years younger
    with a turbo-charged sex drive and ultra-enhanced sexual force

Sound too good to be true?

Trust me, it isn’t.

There is absolutely no reason you can’t beat your ED
and get back to enjoying all the intense passionate sex you can handle with your current partner,
or with a hot, sexy new lover of your choosing.

Personally, my life turned around almost instantly after solving my erectile dysfunction problem.

And being able to get and maintain huge, rock-hard erections was just half of it.

I also got back my self-confidence and began to respect myself once again.

When you’re ED-free, you carry yourself differently,
and people begin to notice, especially women who were all too happy to begin flirting with me,
now that I was a man again.

Which is something I was more than happy to take full advantage of.

Even though I didn’t find the solution to beating my erectile dysfunction in time to save my marriage,
I realized that a world of dating and new sexual opportunities had opened to me.

I felt like a kid hitting puberty for the first time again,
and I can’t begin to describe how much physical stamina and strength I gained.

Just 5 nights after I started applying what I learned and wrote in great detail in the Pornstar Protocol…
I was getting rock hard without any issues at all!

I literally feel invincible at this point, like I can have any woman I want, even if that does sound a little arrogant.

All I’m saying is… it’s nice to know you could…

It’s nice to feel wanted and admired…

It’s nice to know you walk, talk, and feel like a powerful man no matter your age.

Women can pick up on your self-confidence and are immediately drawn to it.

The look of jealousy on my wife’s face when a hot 20-year-old is trying to flirt with me
gives me extra motivation for when we get home at night
and I show her how much I still only want her…

The Pornstar Protocol WORKS!


Looking back on just how badly my life was going,
I realized that I couldn’t just keep this information to myself.

I know that my story is not just mine… it’s probably yours as well.

So many men suffer in silence…

I created The Pornstar Protocol with the intention of helping guys like you
beat your ED before it leaves you depressed and suicidal as it did me.

To be honest, I was a bit reluctant about launching this program.

What if I just got lucky?

What if it only works for me?

But then I thought about people like you
who are suffering every day from erectile dysfunction.

Because I know firsthand how it can make a mockery of your sex life,
and also tear apart your family, I realized that I had a moral obligation
to get this information to you.

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous after the launch,
and I knew all eyes would be on this incredible program.

But then something amazing happened.

I began to get positive feedback from satisfied customers that you’ll see below.

I have to say, I was nearly as excited as when I first
conquered my own erectile dysfunction.

Here are a few of the messages I got from people like you
who turned their ED around and took their sex lives to new levels:

Take Ed, from Tennessee for instance, who says:

Roger, I never thought I’d ever be writing another man to tell him about my penis… but here I am! This is absolutely incredible! It really does take only 60 seconds! My wife learned the trick too and one morning I found her with her hand in that exact spot, pressing it gently… I felt like I was a sex robot literally being turned on, for her pleasure!”

Or, Mary, from New York who saw my video and ordered it for her boyfriend:

We went through something very similar… We had a dry spell of over 6 months and he had lost interest in me and sex completely… Not even watching naughty videos could get him going… But right when I was ready to end it for both our sakes, I came across your video, and boy did it turn our lives around! It’s like our relationship just started all over again! We’re like a couple of teenagers again, and I love it! Every morning I have his shake ready and he has something else ready for me too if you know what I mean!”

In just a few days from now, you’ll see that look of lust and admiration in her eyes,
and you’ll know for a fact that she’ll never want anyone but you.

That’s what happened to me and all of the other guys
who tried this incredible protocol.

No weird chemicals – only natural ingredients,
vitamins, and minerals you find in your pantry!

With The Pornstar Protocol you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the various lifestyle factors that are causing your Nitric Oxide levels to dwindle and how you can fix them effortlessly.
  • Why ED drugs are not the answer, and how they can be extremely dangerous.
  • How to cope with psychological factors that can cause your E.D., decrease your stamina, and turn you into a “clown” in your woman’s eyes.
  • Misconceptions and myths about E.D. that could keep your penis limp for years or decades to come.
  • A comprehensive list of natural supplements and nutrients that fight E.D., boost your stamina and energize your sex life.
  • How to motivate yourself and get excited about physical workouts which will lead to stronger, rock-hard erections and better health in general.

Also, as a bonus, I’ll show you the 60-second pressure point you can use
to get an erection NATURALLY every single time!

Put an end to The Humiliation… The Anxiety… The Stress…

Become the sexual stallion you were in your 20s!

But my goal isn’t just to bring back your stagnant sex life…
the type that you’re so bored and fed up with…

This protocol is designed to refuel the sex-demon
burrowed deep in the darkest corner of your mind

That’s why I added 3 special bonuses to the protocol
which will unveil the secrets of the most virile men in history…

When you click the Buy Now button below,
you’ll get all these special gifts when you try The Pornstar Protocol today.

So, once you decide to take the leap of faith and “reboot” your sex life,
you also get 3 bonuses which will rock your world:

Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.
Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

Bonus #1: The Better Than Kamasutra Sex Guide

Listen, safe sex practiced in a loving, intimate relationship has numerous health benefits
like improved cholesterol levels and increased blood circulation.
It also encourages the flow of testosterone,
a hormone that plays a significant role in the immune system.

This guide will teach both you and your partner new and exciting ways to restart your sex-drive!
Previously priced at $45, this guide will be free of charge and available for a discreet and simple download
you can access on as many devices as you wish!

Bonus #2: The Hacking Attraction Course

I added this bonus because I know how you feel after so many months or even years of feeling like you are somewhat lacking…
like you are less attractive or that you may not know how to give out the vibe you want.

Well now, you can comfortably walk into any room and approach the hottest woman there
knowing that you have a secret weapon on your side!

This course was written by one of the top psychologists in the country
and was previously priced at $60 but today, it’s yours for FREE!

Bonus #3: The Tinder Approach

When I was growing up, girls were scared to sleep around,
because if word got out – she’d be labeled as a loose woman.  

But boy oh boy, how times have changed.

Nowadays, being a “floozy” is not only acceptable, but it’s also admired.

Think about it for a second…

Who are the female icons of today?

…Kim Kardashian… Miley Cyrus… Paris Hilton… Talk about super easy women…

Kim and Paris both have leaked sex tapes!

And yet, these superstars are imitated and revered by young women everywhere.

Which is really GOOD news for older guys everywhere.

Because these days, if you play your cards right – the vast majority of younger women
will sleep with you on the very first date.

AND once again, thanks to Kim Kardashian,
the current generation of young women are more cosmetic than ever.

That means vampire facials, flawless skin, fake breasts that look and feel amazing,
and baby smooth between her legs.

Is it superficial?


Is it a little bit sad?

Hell yes, it is.

But the first time a gorgeous, perfectly sculpted 20-year-old sex kitten takes you to bed,
you’ll forget all about that.

I guess my point is, if you’re an older man, you HAVE TO focus on younger women.

And NOT because young women are hotter…

But because young women are actually MUCH easier to sleep with.

She’s part of this new, wonderful generation.

And it’s time for YOU to cash in with a bonus course that will rock your world!
I used to charge people $90 for this… But today, it’s all yours FREE OF CHARGE!

Okay, so you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on
The Pornstar Protocol and the 3 sex-life transforming guides
and you’re likely curious just how much it’s going to cost.

To be honest, you’d probably expect something as life-changing as this to cost A LOT.

But I really do want to do some good in the world for as many people as possible.

I know your life is far from what you imagined it would be like 20 years ago,
and if you haven’t hit bottom yet, then trust me… you will…
as your ED begins to tear down the foundation of everything you love.

The fact is…

Many other so-called “ED-killing programs” sell for between $97-$150.

However, as a former ED sufferer, I don’t feel that it’s fair to take advantage of people like that.

I could easily charge $97 for the main eBook,
plus $45, $60 and $90 for each of the bonus eBooks.

Even though $292 would be an incredible value for what you’re getting,
it’s still a good chunk of change for most people

That’s why I’m going to give you the complete Pornstar Protocol package,
a combined value of $292, for an easy and DISCREET one-time payment of $47.

To get your hands on this incredible package now just click on the buy button below.

For less than the cost of what you spend on a daily cup of coffee each month

You can say goodbye to the shame, humiliation, and embarrassment of your erectile dysfunction…

And experience a sex life you’ve only seen in adult movies.

Click the buy button below to take advantage of these bonus offers and
experience bigger, longer-lasting erections, more powerful orgasms, and enhanced stamina
that will leave your partner begging for more.

All for a one-time investment that’s less than 5% of what you would spend
on expensive surgeries, risky pills, or humiliating devices
that make you look far from sexy to your partner

Sex should be natural… spontaneous!

Not some clinical process that requires planning and careful preparations!

Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.
Digital Downloads Only. CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

Your payment is completely secure and discreet,
the only thing showing up on your credit card statement
will be a payment towards [PAYPAL].

Delivery is via instant download, with no physical book to ship or receive.
No one will know what you’ve purchased,
so you don’t have to go through hell and back to receive the package yourself.

There will be no extra charges.

No hidden fees.

Nothing like that.

You can get full, immediate access to the complete guide,
plus both bonus eBooks for just a small one-time payment of $47.

That’s it. No catch. No clause. No hidden payments.

Seriously, what’s your sex life worth to you?

What’s your relationship with your partner worth to you?

If I had known about this when my family was falling apart,
I would have paid ten times as much, or even more!

And considering what erectile dysfunction could ultimately cost you,
this is a drop in the bucket by comparison.

I don’t want you to lose everything I lost
before you realize how serious ED really is.

I’ve already invested hundreds of hours doing the research,
testing the methods, the shakes, and the pressure points…

And making sure that this thing WORKS.

All you have to do is accept my challenge and go through
with a one-time payment and you’re good to go.


If you’re still on the fence about this, don’t be. You risk nothing!

Get the program now and in the extremely rare event that you feel it isn’t for you…

For ANY reason, in the next 60 days, simply email us
and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I am taking ALL the risk, not you.
You literally have nothing to lose but your erectile dysfunction.

Your ED Will NOT Go Away on Its Own –
Take Action NOW Before it Gets WORSE!

Click the buy button below and put an end to the embarrassment
and humiliation before things get out of control.

You don’t want to hit rock bottom as I did,
and with The Pornstar Protocol, you don’t have to.

I want you to send me your honest thoughts in just a few days from now!

Roger Spear, creator of The Pornstar Protocol


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